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PUBG Mobile New 0.15.5 Update

PUBG Mobile will get another update this end of the week knocking up the variant to 0.15.5. With that, Season 10 ought to likewise begin acquiring an all-new Royale Pass alongside a lot of new in-game things. The new season is themed ‘Rage of the Wasteland’ and we are expecting motivation from a dystopian period.

We have additionally observed an assortment of releases affirming that we will see a pristine weapon and vehicle, another guide for group deathmatch mode, another character named Sara, etc.

The PUBG Mobile game engineers have discharged the total fix notes on its official site, affirming every one of the highlights before the update turns out.

PUBG Mobile Much like a month ago, the fix notes for the 0.15.5 update are as of now accessible on the authority PUBG site, and they detail most of the changes expected with the arrival of the present fix.

The most prominent expansion this month is the dispatch of Royale Pass Season 10, which brings new rewards, an improved UI, and an approach to blessing participation to your companions.

Other than the new season, you can hope to locate another Team Deathmatch map called Ruins, where you’ll investigate strange ruins covered up in a rainforest.

There’s additionally another SMG called the MP5K, and another vehicle shows up, the Zima, which replaces the UAZ in Vikendi. It’s likewise significant that Mini-Zone will be brought down briefly and that Quick Match will presently be accessible consistently.

Unfortunately, regardless we don’t have the foggiest idea when the shiny new vehicle engineer Sara will show up, however, I would envision she will show up in the near future. Obviously, in the event that you’d like to see the full Play Store changelog, I’ve glued it underneath.

The PUBG Mobile new Update for 0.15.5 will be accessible beginning November eighth, the server won’t be taken disconnected for this update. This update requires around 0.21 GB of extra room on Android and 0.24 GB of extra room on iOS.

Players on various adaptations can’t welcome each other, so please update as quickly as time permits.

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PUBG Mobile New Update

Update to the new form between November eighth and fourteenth to get:

  • 20 Silver
  • 2,000 BP
  • 1 Blue Glider Trail

Royale Pass Season 10: Fury of the Wasteland:-

  • All new rewards
  • Requests have been relaunched and Royale Pass would now be able to be skilled.
  • The Royale Pass Upgrade Card would now be able to be utilized straightforwardly in the Pass Upgrade page.
  • Improved UI for Royale Pass

New Team Deathmatch map: Ruins

Another TDM-restrictive map on PUBG Mobile, “Vestiges”, is life: Mysterious antiquated ruins covered up in a rainforest. With thick vegetation and winding ways, it’s dependent upon the players to clash with adversaries, or stir together to set up a fortification!

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New weapon MP5K:

1:- The MP5K is a convenient SMG that just shows up in Vikendi, supplanting the Vector.

2:- The MP5K has a high pace of fire at 900 RPM and has the remarkable enemy of backlash abilities.

2:- The MP5K has base harm of 33 and can be furnished with all connections (Tactical Stock, Mags, Attachments, Scopes, Foregrips, and Laser Sights).

New vehicle Zima:

  • Zima replaces the UAZ in (Vikendi elite).
  • Although it is all the more testing to work the Zima in the blanketed landscape, it is simpler to drive than other 4-wheeled vehicles, making it progressively pragmatic.
  • The Zima is slower than different vehicles yet increasingly impervious to harm and can be utilized for substitute systems.

Season System: Added Tier Protection Card prizes to the Platinum and Crown levels. In the wake of arriving at the Ace level, players can acquire one star for each 100 they gain. The symbol changes with the number of stars:

  • Copper: 1-5 stars
  • Silver: 6-10 stars
  • Gold: 11 stars or more

New Player 8-Day Rewards: Updated 8-Day rewards for new players to include Finishes, Trails, Classic Crate Vouchers, and different rewards.

Partner System (Coming Soon): the Falcon.

Coming soon, players will have the option to gather materials for the Falcon in the recovery occasion for nothing. Players can likewise get more Companion Shards in the Shop or from the Royale Pass to get the Falcon, Falcon Avatar, Companion Food, and different things.

New Character (Coming Soon): Vehicle Engineer – Sara.

Another character is not far off!

Vehicle Engineer – Sara

Her capacity, Vehicle Enhancement, diminishes the harm taken by vehicles when she is driving or riding in a vehicle in EVO Modes.

Changed Arcade mode accessibility

  • Mini-Zone will be brought down briefly
  • Quick Match will be accessible consistently
  • Sniper Training will currently be accessible on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays
  • War mode will presently be accessible on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays

Group enrollment channel upgrades:

  • Added level and language necessities to group enlistments so the selecting player can set the group up conditions, for example just players at the Silver level or higher can join.
  • Added a channel includes that enables players to see group enlistments dependent on mode/server/receiver and language.

Faction Improvements:

  • Added Clan part status to the Clan to show their ongoing status. This incorporates Clan individuals’ extraordinary outcomes, most noteworthy level previously arrived at better accomplishments/titles/things, RP buys, cooperation in explicit occasions and Clan Perks gave, and so forth.
  • Improved the Clan Chat to include a Clan part sidebar in the visit window and show tribe talks, group enlistments, and part status.
  • Added a Clan Rankings entrance in the Clan page that is shown to players who haven’t joined a Clan so they can see the Clan Rankings before going along with one.
  • Adjusted the principles of the gathering rewards from Clan Training that at any rate xx individuals from the Clan are required to finish the preparation to gather the prizes.
  • Increased limit with respect to Clans that are Level 6 or higher.

Group up proposals for missions:

  • Team-up missions presently bolster pop-ups that assist players with welcoming different players to groups rapidly, just as fast informing, one-tap friending and welcoming, and so on.
  • Recruitments for Team-up missions would now be able to be sent in the Clan Channel with the goal that players can welcome more players to their group.
  • Support for Daily Missions, Royale Pass Daily Missions, and Royale Pass Weekly Challenge Missions.


  • Pending Team-up welcomes will currently show up in the warnings.

Fundamental Menu Improvements:

  • The time required to enter the Shop and get supplies has been improved.

Mystique framework:

  • The Charisma framework has been taken disconnected for the time being and will be relaunched after further alterations are made (PUBG Mobile)
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